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Mexico Needs Our Help

Our friend Brenda Muñoz has shared this message with us regarding the devastating earthquake Mexico suffered yesterday and how we can help:

There’s not a lot of information for international aids destined to Mexico and lately the Red Cross Brigades around the world haven’t reacted on time. Please help share this information. September 19th, 1985 Mexico suffered one of the biggest earthquakes ever lived in the city. Today, 32 years later, the same tragedy occurred. At 1.15pm local time an earthquake with 7.1 intensity hit Mexico City and other states like Oaxaca, Chiapas, Morelos, and Puebla Many buildings collapsed taking the lives of 134 people so far and there’s more missing. In 1985’s tragedy a group of volunteers gathered to go through the ruins and rescue those who were trapped inside, they are “Los Topos Tlatelolco” and are Mexican heroes. Today, some of the original Topos and many new and trained volunteers gathered up again to help people in need. These brave citizens are Brigada de Restate Topos, a professional non-profit Mexican rescue team. Mexico is going through difficult times you can help Los Topos from afar and make a donation to: Paypal:

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