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Latinos in the Fringe

Local storyteller Andy Cañete debuts his brand-new show at the Vancouver Fringe this year. Let's read what he has to say about it:

Being a new immigrant is hard. But having to go through the settlement process not once, but twice, means you’re guaranteed to have a wealth of stories to share about your experiences.

This September, Vancouver Fringe veteran, Andy Cañete (Porn and Pinochet) returns to the Fringe to debut his new show, ‘The Cañete Chroñicles’.

While his sell-out show, ‘Porn and Pinochet’ documented his journey as a Canadian teenager going back to live in Chile, ‘The Cañete Chroñicles’ begins as Cañete returns to live in Vancouver, in his early twenties.

This self-titled show really is the Cañete Chronicles; as this storytelling performance will reveal many of the wild and crazy things that have happened to Cañete whilst living in the Lower Mainland over the past two decades.

A firm favourite on the local stand up and storytelling scene, Cañete is already well-known for his engaging performances that are infused with his own unique, off-beat humour that appeals to people from all walks of life. He says he is thrilled to bring this collection of very personal stories and events to life, particularly as he will be pushing the envelope in terms of how he presents the stories and audiences should expect Cañete to have a variety of comedic treats up his sleeve to keep them on their toes, which are unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Cañete said, “I’m excited to be returning to the Vancouver Fringe for the third time, but if I’m honest, I’m nervous too. The stories that I’m telling are uncensored, inappropriate and definitely not PC. This is the most personal and vulnerable thing I’ve ever done - I’m really just standing there saying this is me. It’s kinda scary.”

As well as being a Vancouver Fringe veteran, Cañete has traveled all over Canada with his show, ‘Porn and Pinochet’ including the Edmonton, Toronto and Victoria Fringes, as well as the UNO Festival. However, he’s pleased to debut his new show in Vancouver, as many of the stories and places involved will be especially relatable to local audiences.

So, there it is. Keep your eye on this space for a review of the Cañete Chroicles, but also, go see it for yourself and tell me what you think!

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